VLAHO Artichokes® Diffuser


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Artichokes® scent represents a classic and elegant floral scent with a slight hint of musk.  A rich yet subtle fragrance made from the high quality oils of rose, lily and green stems.

Floral scent (a mix of green leaves, roses, lily, jasmine and ylang, with a hint of musk.

A French-premium diffuser base with perfume-grade imported spices.
Delicately produced and aged for more than 10 day using ZERO water.
Unlike any other diffusers on the market, Artichokes® Diffuser uses perfume-based natural oil from France, with a calming, mild and long lasting scent yet not overpowering.

Notes compositions:
Top note - green leaves
Middle -  rose, ylang, lily, jasmine
Base - musk

- Safe use by any household members.
- Safety inspection of containers and subsidiary materials completed.
- Humidifier cleaner ingredients such as CMIT, MIT, formaldehyde, phthalates or parabens are NOT added.

Size:  130ml. / 4.4oz.

How To Use
For initial use, use 2 or 3 fiber sticks for mild diffusing.  Periodically turn the fiber stick upside down.

Main ingredients
rose, ylang, lily, jasmine
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