“A true beauty is only revealed when there is a light within.”  - Elizabeth K.


Buried in tedious household chores and challenging child-rearing duties, I sometimes day-dream about what I would have been doing right at this moment if I weren’t here:   A young and beautiful “me” walking down the busy downtown streets for client meetings while busily speaking on the phone with my boss?  Celebrating with friends after passing the CPA exams that I have put off for too long?!

Whatever it may be, I always snap out of it wondering what it is that I felt ‘missing’ in my life.  And one day, an enlightenment came. 

The feeling of achievement.  I was missing it.  That certain, unexplainable, and joyous feeling that comes with knowing that you planned for something, worked hard for it, and completed it.  It didn’t matter if it was a big achievement or small. Those feelings of achievement were the founding blocks on which self-esteem and confidence built, which in turn became the source of my light within. 

So, I am embarking upon a new journey, a venture, a career (or whatever you want to call it) in the beauty industry to re-discover my light within.   

While it is as daunting as it is exciting to run my own business in this industry, especially coming from the finance industry, I am humbly confident that this is the right industry for me who first became dearly fond of make-ups at the age of 18 and realized the power of skincare after a horrible break-out during pregnancy in my thirties.

With a plethora of help that I have received from many people  (that, of course, includes all my clients that I had such an honor to serve and my dear brother Joohan, one of the initial investors of 2aN, who introduced me to the 2aN products and to this industry), I feel like I have already achieved so much that my inner light is starting to glow a little again.

Now, let us work together to make our light (and skin too!) glow even brighter and shinier!

Thank you all for your support and love.


With Love,