BOUTIJOUR Ceramic Bouti Gua Sha - Facial & Body Therapy Tool


Lifting, Sculpting (pressure and relieving), Relaxing


Bouti Gua Sha is designed to give lifting & sculpting massage around jawline, chin, cheek, and smile lines.  Release toxins in our skin and body, and to ease the tension.  Gently apply the Gua Sha with Boutijour X-lifting mask, cream or oil  for a maximum result. 

Multifuntional Facial & Body Massage.

Bouti Gua Sha is made entirely of high quality ceramic (white clay).  Two unique and carefully designed pressure bumps to be used for the jawline, facial lines, neck, scalp, and eye area.

What is Gua Sha?  it is a traditionally Eastern healing technique using a special small-sized 'board' to press along the skin of face, neck and body, and in turn such light pressure effectively releases muscular tensions, helps with blood circulation, and hence tones the face evenly.


How To Use

1.  Clenase Gua Sha. 
2.  Apply toner, lifting cream or lifting serum.
3.  Hold Guasha at about 45 degree angle, gently pull and scrape along the countours of your face.  

White Clay

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