LA MUSE Perfume Recovery Body Cleanser (White)



2-in-1 body scrub & moisturizing cleanser.

Skin-friendly nature-derived ingredients deliver excellent moisturizing power and minimize skin irritation. Cleansing in the pores, completely removing dead skin cells and dirt. Low-irritation texture ensures soft and smooth body care.

Uses for all skin types.

White floral scent.

200ml (6.76oz)

Product Details

º Includes crushed walnut shells which works to remove dead skin cells. Dip in water then rub softly on wet skin to remove wastes from body.

º Nature-derived moisturizing ingredients will smooth and soft skin texture.

º Foams easily, use small amount to cover the whole body. The product ensures economical usage when compared to ordinary cleaners.

How to Use

1. Use as body cleanser -- Apply onto loofah or hand to lather. Apply all over and rinse.

2. Use as body scrub -- rub onto moist skin and work into a lather, and gently scrub. Rinse.

Main Ingredients

  • Crushed walnut shells — excellent for removing dead skin and blackheads, thus making your skin smooth and soft
  • Macadamia seed oil — moisturizes and prevents dryness
  • Pomegranate extract — skin conditioning, delivering freshness and vitality to skin
  • Raspberry extract — minimizing loss of moisture from skin
  • Raspberry extract — skin conditioning, delivering freshness and vitality to skin



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