LA MUSE Light Refreshing Feminine Wash



EWG green graded by containing 73% of pomegranate base and 17 vegetable extracts for safety care. Weak acid female cleanser which cares the sensitive skin in comfort and presents the mild and pleasant feeling of use from soft foam. 

º It helps to care the skin in active vitality owing to its 73% of pomegranate extract and cares the skin in healthiness.

º The natural surfactant from coconut oil is not burdensome even to feeble skin and safe for use owing to EWG green grade.

º 17 plant ingredients more than 80% of natural products which keep the female skin

º Weak acid in pH5.0 for healthy Y zone

º Free of synthesized and artificial flavor


150ml/5.07 fl. oz.

Made in KOREA


Main ingredients

  • Pomegranate extract – Skin vitality
  • Lotus extract– Skin vitality
  • Tea tree extract – Skin soothing effect
  • Common jasmin extract – Skin conditioning and moisture
  • Edelweiss extract – Moisture keeping power, soft and flexible skin
  • Madonna lily extract – Skin vitality
  • Matricaria flower extract – Skin soothing
  • Acorus calamus root extract – Skin conditioning
  • Aloe vera leaf extract – Soothing sensitive skin, moisture supply and strengthening the moisture retentive power
  • Portulaca oleracea L. extract – Skin soothing

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